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Dom's Breakfast Sandwiches

Name Description Price
Egg and Cheese2 XL Eggs with Cheese on a hardroll$3.50
Egg SandwichEgg Sandwich w/ choice of Pork Roll, Bacon, Sausage, turkey sausage or turkey bacon.$4.25
Egg Sandwich w/ Meat + CheeseEgg Sandwich (w/ choice of Pork Roll, Bacon, Sausage, turkey sausage, turkey bacon) and cheese $4.50
HogNow w/ more Pork roll, 2 Eggs, Cheese & Hashbrown$5.50
BullNow w/ more Steak & 2 Eggs, Cheese & Hashbrown$5.75
MooseNow w/ more Canadian Bacon, 2 Eggs, Cheese & Hashbrown$5.50
The SliderSausage, Bacon, 2 Eggs & Cheese$5.99
GobblerNow w/ more Turkey Bacon, 2 Eggs, Cheese + hashbrown$5.50
Breakfast Platter3 Eggs, Choice of meat, Hashbrown and Toast$6.49
Skinny Wrap2 eggwhites, spinach, tomato and swiss in a whole wheat wrap$5.99
Bigfoot 5 slices of porkroll, 3 eggs, cheese and 2 Hashbrowns on a half sub$7.49
Nova LoxSmoked Nova Lox on a bagel of choice w/ tomatoes, onions, capers and cream cheese$7.99

Dom's Omelets

Name Description Price
Philly Cheesesteak Omeletwith Peppers, Onions, Steak & Cheese$6.99
Western Omeletwith Ham, Peppers & Onions$6.50
Veggie OmeletPeppers, Onions, Spinach, Tomato + Mushrooms$6.50
Spanish OmeletChicken, Jalapeno, Jack Cheese, Picante sauce$6.99

Continental Breakfast

Name Description Price
Muffins, meduimwith butter$1.75
Muffins, largewith butter$2.00
Danishlemon, cherry, cheese, blueberry$2.00
Apple Turnoverpastry$1.75
Carrot cakeOnce you try it, you will be hooked!!$2.75
Buttered RollHard roll with butter$1.25
Bagelwith butter$1.75
Bagelwith cream cheese$2.00
White, Whole Wheat or Rye Toastwith butter or cream cheese or jelly$1.50

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